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UPDATED 2nd June 2020

For the past 30 years Starfox Aircraft have been producing ultralight aircraft in Brazil, having built over 750 ultralight aircraft over that time period. There are now new owners with a new name - FLYFOX Aircraft.

Flyfox is basically the same aircraft as the Starfox, but with improvements to the current range, with new ideas and new models coming in the future.


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FOX V5 - Super Tundra

FOX V6 - Super Light

FOX V5 - Tandem

FOX V5 - Super


Initially we will be offering the tried and proven Fox V6 Super Light, Fox V5 Super, Fox V5 Tandem, and the new V5 Super Tundra, all with the Rotax 582 engine, available in Kit Form, "Cell" aircraft, and RTF (ready to fly), all with improvements on the original aircraft. The V6 Super with the Rotax 912 will be offered at a later date.

The FLYFOX Range will be available as:

1. Ready to Fly (RTF) - For those who want get into the air quickly, we can offer a fully built aircraft, test flown, and customised to your own requirements of fitment and instruments.

2. "Cell" Aircraft - completely built aircraft, unpainted, minus engine, propeller and instruments.

3. Kit aircraft - All of the parts required to get you in the air, minus engine, propeller and instruments.

Starfox Aircraft (and Starflight Aircraft in the early days) have sold over 750 aircraft in its 29 years in the aviation industry.

FOX V5 - Amphibious



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FOX V5 Super

FOX V5 Amphibious

FOX V5 Tandem

FOX V6 Super Light



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Production story of the first V6 Super for Australia